Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Final Blog

I have been asked to shut down my blog. I am doing so out of obedience. Here are the reasons which were shared. I feel that it is important for you to know so that it will aid you as a teacher with further light, knowledge, and understanding.

CES has a concern about the amount of blogs and materials popping up on the internet for seminary teachers. They have specifically chosen not to have a resource site full of such things, although they could easily do so--since such dynamic individuals through the years have created many fine teaching tools while in the service of CES.

But the CES administrators know that by seeking materials made by other people has the potential to dampen the Spirit you rightfully may receive. For example, Oliver Cowdery thought it a simple thing to translate the Book of Mormon. As a result of not putting forth effort, the beauty of the experience remained out of his grasp.

I've now received the following and want to share it with you. There is truth within these words and feel that knowing them will bless you as you seek greater communion with God in your seminary service.

"There is a price that must be paid to qualify for the Spirit's help....[Oliver Cowdery] thought he could sit back and the Lord would just tell him what to say. He failed to put forth the required effort to qualify for the Lord's help....Some want to run to the internet and get a quick idea; a cookie-cutter lesson idea that can be taylored to any block. They fail to put forth the required effort to qualify for the Lord's help...there is a price of study and pondering and prayer that must be paid, even by a busy volunteer. If we provide teachers with too much material, we often hurt them more than help them. We create a welfare system. They don't need to turn to the Lord for help, we have given them more ideas than they can incorporate..."

May the Lord bless us with willing hearts and yielding spirits, so that we can lead our classes in love and harmony.

All the best to you! And remember D&C 111:11.


Seminary Mom