Thursday, March 23, 2006

3 Nephi 24 & 25 - Historical Hieroglyphics

[student work]

Today we covered the Malachi chapters (3 Nephi 24 + 25).

In reading through these chapters prior to class, I was troubled how to make the ancient verbiage work and be understandable for the kids. I didn't want to just gloss over these important teachings, either.

I started class today by having the kids read the following scriptures, as suggested in the manual on page 235:
  • 3 Nephi 24:1
  • 3 Nephi 26:1-2
  • Joseph Smith - History 1:36-39
We talked about how very important Malachi's words must have been for the Lord to have insisted on them being recorded. So then I told the students that they would have a chance to record Malachi's words, but in an ancient way - that of pictures.

There are a total of eighteen verses in chapter 24 and six verses in chapter 25. Since I have twelve students, that meant that each student was responsible for two verses. I gave each student two colorful index cards.

They were to write one verse on one index card and the other verse on the second card, with the reference. Then they were to flip over the card and draw a pictogram delineating what was happening in the verse.

Once everyone was finished, we went around the room, with the story unfolding. Each student held up their card and explained to the class the teaching Malachi was trying to get across in that particular verse.

What was terrific about this, was that the kids were really having to get into the verbiage of the scriptures. Lots of questions were asked by various students while they were grappling with some of the deeper concepts Malachi taught. Perhaps a much better experience for them than if I'd just stood up there all class period and talked about the two chapters?

Perhaps this technique wouldn't work with all classes, but I know that it was very potent for this particular class. Malachi's words now will make much more sense for them, the next time they encounter them.


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