Wednesday, March 08, 2006

3 Nephi 12 - Christ's Visit

(Student Drawn Activity - for greater detail, click on photo)

There are so many beautiful truths contained in the interior chapters of 3 Nephi, all from the Savior himself. How to help the students immerse themselves in these truths?

I had been using the theme for the book of 3 Nephi of "feasting on the word." That's why at the beginning of the study of 3rd Nephi, the students created their "Spiritual Feast Sacks."

Thus, after introducing Chapter 12 with the concepts from the teacher's manual and the heading, I passed out a white piece of paper with some colored pencils for the students to pursue this theme a bit further.

I invited the students to immerse themselves in Chapter 12 for the day, to read through the text, and to find phrases which they felt were the most potent for them personally - for either now in their life or for some time in the future.

Then with the colored pencils, they were to transcribe those phrases onto the white paper - in essence, creating a special "placemat" for the feast sacks we are working on.

Tomorrow we will finish exploring chapters 13-14!

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