Thursday, January 26, 2006

Alma 39, 40, 41 & 42 - "Simon Says/Satan Says"

How many of us like being told what to do? Yet every time we listen to the adversary, in essence we're following his commands.

Today's scripture block/review was Alma 39-42. I had my entire lesson plan mapped out...and then I got sick. My husband substituted for me. But I will still share what I had intended to do for today (not being present, I cannot accurately verify what happened :0)

Here the rules to the game "Simon Says/Satan Says" to get started. This is just like the normal "Simon Says" game, with a twist for the second round. (If you aren't sure how to play Simon Says, no problem. Just email me at "seminarymomATgmailDOTcom". I'll be happy to share.)

1. Prior to class, prepare at least 9 cards to flash commands at the kids as you call out "Simon says..." (the cards contain phrases like 'Clap your hands', etc.)

2. Continue to call out "Simon says..." as you show the cards, ending with the final one, which you suddenly drop off "Simon Says." In typical "Simon Says" fashion, some of the kids will have been snagged and will still unthinkingly follow the command.

3. Tell the kids you're going to play again, this time even faster to see who is left standing and you'll be mixing up the order of the printed commands.

4. Only, instead of saying "Simon says", use the phrase "Satan Says..."

They'll soon get what has happened and most will stop obeying. You'll see varying emotions in their faces.

Have them all sit down to talk about what just happened. How does it feel to find out you're being controlled by your enemy? Let them process this for a moment as a perfect lead into what and where Corianton found himself, after having destroyed his mission service (at least for a time being) by being led into temptation.

The adversary hates those who follow the Lord. It is important the students understand just how willing Lucifer is to trick them. To then help them analyze this even more, I had prepared a Scripture Scholar Moment for them to fill out.

When I prepare these, I try to have a blend of questions whose answers are found directly in certain verses (to get the students researching and reading the scripture block) AND questions in which they need to synthesize and process what they've read, coming up with their own answers. They may not get the answers perfectly the first time, but it provides an excellent discussion tool in class once they've finished filling out their sheets.

Here is today's Scripture Scholar Moment sheet. If you like, you can click on the picture to enlarge it and to be able to read the questions.

The fight for these kids is real; the adversary is playing for keeps. It is important they understand just how real the battle is and that joy waits for those who hearken and serve the Lord. What a blessing to serve these youth in this way.

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Until tomorrow,

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