Friday, March 10, 2006

Scripture Mastery - Mix It Up!

As a class we're nearing the end of memorizing our 25 scripture mastery verses. 11 of my 12 students have memorized nearly all 25 scriptures. What a wonderful achievement for these youth!

But even though they have passed off 22+ scriptures, they still need review and dexterity with finding them in a variety of situations or settings.

So today for scripture mastery, I passed out a sheet of 25 picture representations for each of the 25 scripture mastery scriptures. I gave the students five minutes to write out all of the references they could figure out for each picture representation.

For the second set of five minutes I let them use their scriptures to fill in any blanks they'd not been able to figure out by memory alone. We will be using this sheet for them off and on now throughout the rest of the year, along with the other activities we will be doing.

I would love to show you the sheet of pictures, but I didn't draw them myself and do not know who originally created the sheet. Thus, I am unable to post it here.

But here is another approach!

1. Take 25 3x5 cards and write the key words on the fronts of the cards.

2. Take another 25 3x5 cards and write the scripture references on the fronts of these cards.

Make as many sets as teams you have. In other words, you can play this as a class or you can play this in individual groups. Your choice will determine how many card sets you will need.

Mix all 50 cards up and place them face down on the floor, table, or any flat surface, or tape them to a white board, etc.

Each student gets to flip over two cards and then see if they match. If they do, he/she gets to go again. If he/she can recite the actual verse, they get double points.

Each student in the class or on the team gets to take a turn. Or you could have several teams, with each one selecting a group leader to make the selections for them, with the teams hollering to the team captain the team choice.

Any way you do it, this encourages recognition of key words with references and then requires the student to recall the actual verse. Have fun playing!

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Until next week,

just another-early-morning-seminary-teacher