Friday, February 10, 2006

Helaman 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 - Signs of the Times Pt Two

Today the students had an opportunity to share a scripture from their research yesterday. Yesterday's activity can be accessed here. In essence, they were reading and researching prophecies for the latterdays, found in Helaman and other cross-referenced scriptures provided by the teacher's manual.

[I might parenthetically add here that I make it a point to only use the church-approved materials for teaching moments in my class. It is important to do this, to make sure that only doctrine is being taught in class. Any games I provide are simply to help bring the point home and I make them up myself, so as to not to cause copyright issues. I feel this is important. Thus, for actual teaching I only use material from these three manuals: the Book of Mormon Seminary Student Study Guide, the Book of Mormon: Student Manual Religion 121 and 122, and the teacher's seminary manual.]

For the presentations today, the students showed the class the phrases they found in the newspapers which substantiated that which they had learned through their research in yesterday's study activity. They also read out loud to one another the scripture they found to be the most potent from all the scriptures they had digested yesterday in their research.

We discussed how important it is to stay close to the scriptures and to remain steadfast in the gospel. For truly these days are important ones, as they lead up to the eventual coming of Christ.

It was interesting to hear the students' perspectives and testimonies as to living the gospel. These kids are so great. And once we were done, the kids then took turns leading out on quizzing one another for the upcoming Scripture Mastery Day at the stake. They pretended they were the teacher and chose their own key words to quiz the class with.

It is so important to see these kids leading out in such leadership kind of ways. Not only does it strengthen them as they grow into adulthood, but it also helps them to solidify their knowledge of these important mastery scriptures. Plus, they get a kick out of quizzing one another!

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