Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Helaman 7, 8 & 9 - Build a Play (step two)

[Today is a continuation of yesterday's activity, Build a Play. To learn more, click here.]

This morning the kids presented their production they had researched and prepared yesterday. I think they were surprised how much they enjoyed the experience and how much it flowed. They presented their play, reading dialogue as it appeared straight out of the chapters.

The words of the scriptures themselves are so potent and I believe the more the youth get into them, the more they will have the ability to avoid being deceived in today's world. It is so important they come every day to seminary, to be strengthened in the gospel and in the spirit. In yesterday and today's activity, not only were we able to discuss the important events of Helaman 7-9, the kids were actually able to live it!

Although I have costumes which I have used in the past, I didn't bring them out for this activity. I wanted the students to really focus on the words of the scriptures, rather than the fun costumes. But sometimes costumes can help the kids get into what they are doing. So if you do have costumes for the kids to throw on before they act out their roles from the scriptures - sometimes it can make everything that much better!

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Until tomorrow,

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